Van Bohemia – Friesian & Barock Pinto horses
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Awards, achievements of


+ participation in events and seminars

YEAR 2019

Barock Pinto Inspection

12.10.2019 Královický dvůr

Jeremy van Bohemia

1st premium (44 points)
Reserve Foal Champion

Genevieve van Bohemia

Ster – 2nd premium (41 points)
Reserve Mare Champion

Heidi van Bohemia

1st premium (50 points)
Young Mare Champion and champion of the day

Also horses bred by us were successful and their owner could be proud:

Imperial Black van Bohemia

2nd premium (41,5 bodu)
Reserve Young Stallion Champion

Hélène van Bohemia
2nd premium (41,5 bodu)

YEAR 2018


Private Hounting Ledce
27. 10. 2018

Ride with friends – Chov koní Týnec, Callard welsh cobs and Stable von Daemon.


Barock Pinto Inspection

6.10.2018 Královický dvůr

  • 33 horses assessed!
  • the main judge Gerrit Stelwagen
    the chairman of the studbook board
  • the judge Barend Damstee
    a member of the studbook board
  • Rinze van Teijen
    the chairman of the studbook board

Heidi van Bohemia

1st premium (48 points)
 the champion of one-year-old mares and the champion of the day!


Genevieve van Bohemia

1st premium (42 points)
the champion of two-year-old mares


Ariane van de Klompstee

3rd premium, obtained Stb.
KVH 167cm


YEAR 2017


For this year we don’t attend autumn events, because we expect our family to grow in numbers, which has the priority 🙂

Stallion Show
January 2017 Leeuwarden

We went to the Stallionshow of friesian horses in the Netherlands. It was wonderful show and it was awesome to see so many friesian stud stallions all together. The champion of the day was Jurre 495, a very impressive young stallion and also one of our favorite stallions from that day.

YEAR 2016

The most beautiful horse of the Czech Republic 2016


Willemien Wealtsje W.

has been chosen as a representant of Friesian horse in the national poll The Most Beautiful Horse in the Czech Republoic.
she broke through into the finals from the second place in the section of historical breeds. And she took the 5th overall position right behind the stud-stallions of Paint Horse, Kladruber, Hafling and Czech-Moravian Belgian Draft. For a mare it’s an amazing performance. Thank you!

Inspection of Friesian horses

1.10.2016 Hradišťko

Cedrik Willem van Bohemia – 3rd premium


YEAR 2015


Inspection of Barock Pinto horses

4.10. 2015 Chomutov

  • the judge: Gerrit Stelwagen
    the chairman of the BP studbook
  • the judge: Gerritje van de Veen
    a member of the BP sport committee

Falco van Bohemia

2nd premium (41.5 points)


Willemien Wealtsje W.

3rd premium, obtained Stamboek
KVH 163 cm


YEAR 2014


Hounting Ledce
12th October 2014

Stable collective ride through Krkavec to Ranch Sidlovak and back again. Altogether about 20km.


YEAR 2013


Harness seminar
27th – 28th April

In April 2013, we participated in a two day harness seminar in Terezín in Moravia, which led p. Josef Iš. We have knowledge of with different types of harnesses, bitting, etc. We tried to dress up horses in harness. And mainly to drive on our own with single and two horses in harness. And also we were shown how to prepare horses to harness. The whole course was great and we really enjoyed it. In the future, we also plan to harness.


YEAR 2012


Hounting Rokycany

27th October 2012

“Hubert’s ride” first time in mine and Ariana lives. Although the weather was not nice at all, but the whole ride was wonderful. Ariane as four-year old did not have much riding experience but she behaved perfectly in the large herds of horses! In addition, we won an audience poll of the best couple.