Van Bohemia – Friesian & Barock Pinto horses
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We are a small family stable

located 20 km north of Pilsen, Czech republic.

Our mares are family members and they are also used for breeding.

Our goal is breeding of high quality foals, not only with typical kind and willing character, but also in excelent exterier and gaits. We carefully select the appropriate stallions for our mares to achieve these goals.


Tidbits about the history, goals and foals of


The history of our stable

We purchased the first Friesian mare in 2012 and, in a few months, we conceived a plan to build our own stable. In 2013, Ariana delivered a welsh part bred colt Atrey (sold in 2015). Since then we’ve been studying the breeding of Friesian horses, stud-stallions, the studbook, individual registries, etc. We also noticed the barock pinto breed and we kept track of the produce of this breed abroad. In the beginning, the splotchy tobiano horses didn’t impress us much, but in the combination with a Friesian look and not the classical western one e.g. APH and due to the top individuals from abroad and their representation we’ve been convinced to engage with them, too.

Thus in 2014 we made a choice of the young, new and world’s top barock pinto stallion and the year after that there was our first BP foal Falco who charmed us to the point that we decided to dedicate our time mainly to this breed. The same year we purchased our second friesian mare Willemien in the Netherlands who was in foal by a Friesian stud-stallion.

And so the breeding of barock pinto VAN BOHEMIA has started.

Our goals

Our breeding goal is, in general, to have horses of an excellent breeding type (rather classical then sport), robust with rich feathers, manes and tails, which by the look alone justly captivate your attention. The horse with an wonderful character, friendliness, calmness and willingness to work. During the selection of stallions we heed to, last but not least, the linear score of stallions comparing to our mares.

At the same time we want to produce healthy horses and we have tested our mares for genetic defects  so we can avoid risky breeding. We also care to lower the inbreeding of the Friesian blood.

We were at the beginning with our breeding program and we believe that our foals give not only the joy to their new owners, but also show their breeding qualities. We are looking forward to that.

Our success

You can follow all our achievements year by year here.

Our foals have the following suffix “van Bohemia”

2015 |  Falco van Bohemia (Bellman BP12 x Jerke 434)
2016 |  Genevieve van Bohemia (Bellman BP12 x Jerke 434) – STER
2016 |  Cedrik Willem van Bohemia (Wolfert 467 x Fridse 423)
2017 |  Hélène van Bohemia (Allard BP21 x Jerke 434)
2017 |  Heidi van Bohemia (Allard BP21 x Fridse 423)
2018 |  Imperial Black van Bohemia (Bellman BP12 x Fridse 423)
2019 |  Jeremy van Bohemia (Erick BP 36 x Fridse 423)
2020 |  Kalliopé van Bohemia (Oso Hermes x Jerke 434)
2020 |  Kassiopeia van Bohemia (Gambo BP46 x Bellman BP12)


Building of our stable



The idea of our own stable was conceived in 2012 after the purchase of the first horse. The whole stable is built from the ground up and is composed of 4 boxes around 4×4 m². These boxes are used very little (around forthcoming births, during the Silvestr night or during harsh weather like persisting rains for days, freezing colds and tropical heats in summer, etc.), otherwise our horses spend time outside in so called the 24/7 regime.

Stáje Van Bohemia - stavba


In 2014, we moved horses to our own stable while the works were ongoing. They had an interim paddock next to the house, which also functioned as a winter paddock. However, the winter of 2018 was its the last season. Together with the horse moving, the pasture was erected from the ground up in the spring of 2014, when we sow the grazing grass mix and the grass grew till the beginning of 2016, when we fenced in the pasture and let our horses in.

2016 – 2018

In 2016, it was the time to sort out at least partial facilities for people, or rather a room where the equestrian equipment can be stored, which are good to have at your disposal next to your horses and not somewhere in a basement. The pasture obtained an automatic frost-proof waterer in 2017 and in 2018 the harness room accrued a couch and a renovated old cabinet. We also built a shelter in pasture.


We want to built a riding hall and solidify the surface of the winter paddock.