Genevieve called “Jenny” is our second BP foal, the true sister of Falco, and also the first bred and prayed filly from our first horse, the Friesian mare Ariane. Again, we were very lucky and again we succeeded to get black and white foal from this connection.

She is a tall mare, has strong legs and large hooves. She is very friendly, calm, phlegmatic temperament as her mother. This makes her an ideal safe family horse, but also a quality mare for breeding.

She was saddle broken in 2019 and joined our breeding mares.


Breed: barock pinto (type BP)
Frieasin blood: 87,5 %

Date of Birth: 27. 4. 2016
Inteeltcoëfficiënt (inbreeding): 1,17 %
Height: 1.71 m (BPS Keuring 2019 – 3 years old)

Dam: Ariane van de Klompstee (by Jerke 434 Sport)
Sire: Bellman BP12 (by Willem van Nassau Sport Preferent)

Hydrocephalus: negative
Dwarfismus: negative

STAM 128
Mother line: Stb Vb. (2008) – Stb Ster (2003) – Stb 3.prémie (1997) – Stb (1990) – Stb Ster+Pref*4 (1972) – Stb Model+Pref (1964) – Stb Model+Pref (1959) – Stb Model (1951) – Stb (1944) – Hb (1928)


♀ 2020 – Kassiopeia van Bohemia – by Gambo BP46
♀ 2022 – Maleficent van Bohemia – by Gerald BP53 FOR SALE

The results

2018: BPS Keuring – 1st premium with 42 points, Champion of Two-years-old mares
2019: BPS Keuring – Ster 2nd premium with 41 points, Reserve Mare Champion

1 month

2 years

1 year

3 years



Sire: Bellman BP12 (Willem van Nassau Sport Preferent x Wobke 403 Sport)

Dam: Ariane van de Klompstee (by Jerke 434 Sport)

Friesian mare by Jerke 434 Sport (He died of colic in his 14 years). This stallion was in sport type and his exterior was mentioned many times as an almost perfect representation of a Friesian horse according to the breeding goal of KFPS. He scored 82.5 points in both the saddle and harness test.

Bellman BP12
(Willem van Nassau Sport Preferent x Wobke 403 Sport)
75 % friesian blood

Stallion with highest points in 2014-2017. He has 48 for exterior and gaits.

Bellman BP12 is an young black and white top stallion and representative of the barock pinto breed. He has 75% of friesian blood and 25% of Dutch Warmblood blood (KWPN). He measures 1.76 m.

He was born in Denmark and in 2009 and is a stud stallion in Spain. He has became the stud stallion with the highest number of points achieved (48 points per type and 74.5 points in IBOP under saddle) in 2014. He has top exterior as well as dressage gaits and abilities, which he already shows at competitios in Spain.

His father is famous Willem van Nassau (GP Dressage).

Bellman má špičkový exteriér i chody. Své schopnosti již předvádí na drezurních závodech ve Španělsku. Na svůj věk je dobře jezditelný a učenlivý a ukazuje svůj drezurní talent.

He gives height to his offspring!

Wobke 403 Sport