Heidi is the first and only born filly in the Czech Republic from our Ster Frisian mare Willemien Wealtsje W. Heidi is very nicely coloured. She has two-coloured mane and tail, body markings, high white socks and nose snuff.

She should be rather a baroque typical Friesian body type. Yet she has elegant and light gaits with a lot of power in the hind legs.

Heidi is going to join to our breeding mares in the future.  We are looking forward to this moment. She is a great promise of future breeding quality for us.

Her quality was also confirmed at the inspection in 2018, when as a yearly filly won the whole inspection with an amazing number of 48 points (of which 8.5 won a trot).



Breed: Barock pinto (type BP)
Friesian blood: 87.5 %

Date of Birth: 9th June 2017
Inteeltcoëfficënt (inbreeding): 0.20%
Height: 1.60 m as 2 years old

Hydrocephalus: negative
Dwarfismus: carrier

Matka: Willemien Wealtsje W. KFPS Stb. Ster (po Fridse 423 Sport)
Otec: Allard BP 21 (po Willem van Nassau Sport+Preferent)

Stam 43 (know as hardworking horses)
Mateřská linie full papers: Stb Ster (2007) / Stb. Ster (2003) / Stb. Pref*4 (1992) / Stb. Ster (1985) / Stb. Model+Pref*8 (1968)/ Stb. Model+Pref*8 (1961, matka plemeníka Hearke 254 Sport Pref) / Stb. Model+Pref*4 (1948) / Hb. Pref (1937) / N.N.

The results

2018: BPS Keuring – 1st premium with 48 points, Yearling Fillies Champion, Supreme Champion CZE 2018 (= Champion of the day)
2019: BPS Keuring -1st premium with 50 points, Young Mare Champion, Supreme Champion CZE 2019 (= Champion of the day)

Heidi - 1 year

3 years

Heidi - 2 years



Sire: Allard BP 21 (Willem van Nassau Sport Preferent x Adel 357 Sport)

Dam: Willemien Wealtsje W. Ster (po Fridse 423 Sport)

Allard BP 21
(Willem van Nassau Sport Preferent x Adel 357 Sport)

Stallion with excellent trotting technique, which he passed on to his offspring.

Allard is bred from a very rich awards line, which has also produced lots of sport horses. Since Allard’s father, stallion Willem van Nassau and Allard’s daughter Dilia are both descendants of the Friesian stallion Adel 357, Allard is strongly inbreeding.

Allard has 75% Friesian blood and excels in his trotting technique with plenty of space and hind limb bending. He has strong bones and attractive breed type.

Height: 1.66 m
He gives his offspring great trotting technique!